We are an off-road sports events company in the Pacific Northwest with a keen focus on environmental sustainability. Since 2005 we have been organizing races that include Trail Runs, Mountain Bike Races and Duathlons. Our race repertoire is constantly expanding and so are the locations we explore.

We believe that by building a community of like-minded people that enjoy racing, we will enhance people’s appreciation of the outdoors and their willingness to preserve it. We partner with land managers to ensure minimal wear of the trails, and we work with racers to ensure that our events leave no trace behind. We also strive to provide healthy and wholesome food to our racers, and we try to source from local organic producers whenever possible.

Every year we build upon the success of prior years to bring you a full series of races. These races will challenge you and show you some of the most beautiful spots in the Northwest.

If you're looking for something fun to do during the winter, our friends at Northwest Multisport are hosting a series of Duathlons in the winter. The races use the same course so you can track your fitness over time. For more information, see the Northwest Multisport website.